1976 Chevy Sport Stepside Pickup 4X4 revell

1976 Chevy Sport Stepside Pickup 4X4

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Skill Level: 4

Scale: 1/24

Length: 8.06"

Width: 3.75"

Height: 3.375"

# Of Parts: 102


This 76 Chevy® Pickup is part of the Chevy® C/K line of trucks. It is part of the third generation of these trucks started in 1960. The C stands for 2 wheels drive and the K for 4 wheel drive. This 3rdgen. line was a complete redesign of earlier C/K trucks and was referred to by enthusiasts as the “Square Body”.

The redesign was noteworthy in 2 important areas, aerodynamics and safety improvements. The new body shape was more “rounded” and featured a raked back windshield. The safety improvements included a collapsible steering column and a combined lap + shoulder seat belts. The truck was offer with choice of bed styles, “Fleetside” or “Stepside”. This model features the classic “Stepside” fender design.

Kit features:

Detailed 4 x 4 suspension with front guard.  


Item will be sent from Bathurst NSW